Best vacuum for hardwood floors – Top 5

When it comes to buying a vacuum you must take into consideration the type of flooring you have in your home as this can be a deciding factor as to which vacuum you should buy. In this post I will be talking about the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors are more likely to be scratched, therefore it is essential that the vacuum you buy is a non-scratching vacuum. The type of vacuum that would meet this requirement is a canister vacuum. Canister vacuums have always traditionally been used for hardwood floors. However you can also use upright vacuums. If the vacuum that you use has a rolling beater brush, make sure that you turn this off as keeping it on may scratch your floors and scatter dust and dirt. Vacuums with a strong suction are essential for hardwood floors as this is what will pick up the dust between the floorboards. This advice is also relevant for tile floors. Some vacuums would include extra add on brushes with soft bristles to help for when vacuuming hardwood.

1. Bissell PowerEdge
This vacuum is on the list for a few reasons, by looking at this product right away you can tell it’s different to most hardwood floor vacuums. Most hardwood floor vacuums have a typical rectangular suction head. The Bissell power edge however has an unconventional V-shaped head. This will come in handy when in corners and tight spaces were a rectangular shaped vacuum head simply would not be sufficient. The Bissell PowerEdge vacuum also has a head that swivels. This will make it easy to manoeuvre the vacuum around obstacles and furniture. Another feature of the Bissell PowerEdge is that it has bristles on the underside which allow will force larger debris towards the middle of the V shape in the vacuum while at the same time the arms will suction smaller parts.

2. Miele Twist S7210 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele Twist S7210 is an upright vacuum. Its inexpensive in comparison to Miele’s other vacuums. That being said it is still a very well build vacuum. It will last you a long time. The Miele Twist also features a swivel neck, which will allow you to steer the vacuum without too much trouble just by turning your wrist. The Miele also allows you to position it low on the floor so that you can get under furniture, the brush on and off controls are in the handle. The vacuum features automatic height adjustment that will calibrate depending on the carpet depths and surface coverings. On top of that the Miele Twist uses a 2 motor system.

3. Dyson DC39 Animal Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner
This is one of Dyson’s more expensive vacuums, it is also one of Dyson’s best canister vacuums. The Dyson has updated its technology which has led to an increase in suction power for the vacuum. The Dyson DC39 also includes a ‘trigger head’ tool, this entails a rotating brush which can be switched on or off. This is particularly useful for hardwood floors. The on/ off button is located at the top of the vacuum so that no bending down is needed to use. This vacuum is great for someone who wants a vacuum that doesn’t lose suction but also a powerful lightweight vacuum. And since it’s a Dyson vacuum, you can expect it to feature Dyson Ball technology, which allows for easy manoeuvring of the vacuum. The vacuum won’t give you too much trouble manoeuvring around obstacles and furniture. This vacuum is one of the best canister vacuums for pet hair, the Dyson is also built in a way that reduces the noise it makes.

4. Eureka Mighty Mite
The Eureka mighty mite is another quality canister vacuum. It is a wheeled vacuum that contains many different attachments. The Eureka comes with a 7 foot hose, several attachments that can be used for different various surfaces and and 2 plastic extension wands. The Eureka Mighty Might’s great strengths are in its versatility. It is primarily a wood floor cleaner, however it can be used in many different ways. Since it includes many different attachments, it allows you to use it not only for your floor but also on your furniture and even in your car. Also with a 12-amp motor the Mighty Might gives you serious vacuuming power. This is particularly useful when vacuuming a hard surface. This vacuum also includes a blower port which can be used to dust your porch or blow leaves out your doorway.

5. Dirt Devil Simpli-Stick
This vacuum is a corded, lightweight and bagless hardwood vacuum. The middle of the vacuum is detachable from the frame, this allows you to use the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stick as a hand vacuum. When used in the traditional mode, the vacuum weighs less than 4 pounds. This makes it one of the lightest vacuums around. It will be very easy for you to take this vacuum up the stairs or from room to room. One downside is however, the cord for this vacuum is only 16 feet long, this would be slightly shorter than the average vacuum cord. The dirt devil is perfect for you if you have a hardwood floor, as the hoover comes with no brush roll, this would ensure a scratch free floor. The handheld function of the Simpli-Stick can be good for cleaning shelves or furniture.


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