Buying Commercial Vacuum Tips

If you run a small business and maintain your own cleaning routine, or if you run a cleaning business, an obvious tool in your toolkit will be a decent, dependable commercial vacuum cleaner that you know will do the job.

Unfortunately, a high end commercial vacuum cleaner can also be at the high end of the wallet. And while there are vacuum cleaners on the lower-end of the scale that offer value, you might want to consider purchasing a used commercial vacuum for a fraction of the cost. Why? Well, obviously to save money first and foremost, but here’s something else to consider: commercial vacuum cleaners are designed to last through many, many, many hours of use. You should be able to squeeze many years out of a good vacuum cleaner even if it is used on regular basis. This is, assuming of course, that is has been well maintained. So if you can find a well maintained commercial vaccuum, the end result will be the same: you’ll have clean carpets, and a good cleaner. (Of course the big difference is you’ll have saved some cash!)
The best two places to hunt for a used commercial vacuum cleaner are probably the most obvious. If you live in a city of any considerable size, there is going to be a vibrant Craigslist community for your city. It is highly likely you can find someone selling a used commercial vacuum cleaner here. Beyond this, you might want to check in with any local stores that service vacuum cleaners. They’re likely to also sell used ones or direct you to someone who does. (Most likely though, anyone they direct you to or if the shop themself sells used cleaners, they will be posting on Craigslist too.)

When you buy something used, be it a car or a vacuum cleaner, the most important thing is to figure out if it’s been well-maintained. This is part science, part trust, and part art. Buying from a reputable dealer – such as someone who fixes commercial vacuum cleaners, is our suggestion for your first place to seek out a high quality item. You are much more likely to get a good deal from a business which knows and understands how to replace and clean parts (and service the cleaners in general) than from anywhere else. If you’re buying person to person, you’ll have to act much in the same way you do when buying a used car this way – you check the item out thoroughly with a visual inspection and a test drive, and you try and scope out the person for all the details relating to maintenance and previous problems and history. If you’re spending a lot of money on this item, it could be worth it to take it to a service center and spend a little bit of money to ask what they suggest should be fixed or replaced soon.

If you have the time and resources to seek out a used commercial vacuum cleaner, do your research, and you’ll get a great deal. Happy Bargain Shopping!