Choosing the Right Energy Efficient Vacuum Cleaners

Upright or canister, bag or bagless, HEPA filters, super sucking action, heavy duty, lightweight, the choices are mind boggling when it comes to vacuum cleaners. You want something that is going to clean your carpets, and pick up all those things that are considered health hazards. You also want something that is affordable, lasts a long time, and is easy to use. With so many choices and brands on the market, what are consumers supposed to do, picking a vacuum that is best for the environment, and yet is affordable as well?

Well the first place to start is with your own home. If you are going to keep what you pick up from the floor out of the air, then you really need to buy one with a REAL HEPA filter. Originally designed for medical, industrial and military uses because of their ability to filter out over 99% of air borne bacteria and microscopic spores, they are now found in homes everywhere. Don’t accept any imitations when it comes to these filters, many knock off don’t even remotely compare. HEPA filters can be washed at home, are easily removed from the vacuum unit, but should be replaced at least once a year.

Secondly, you should consider what your vacuum is going to be used for. With so many different products, and new ones being produced all the time, this is an important issue. If you have pets, and get pet hair all over the place, you will want a vacuum with a detachable wand and power brush, to remove all that extra dander and pet hair. You have to think about what attachments you are looking for. Are you going to be sucking cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling, or have a long flight of stairs? You will want attachments that will help you reach these areas easily, but also effectively.

Almost all vacuums made today have a high powered motor in them, so while this is an issue, you have to find one that has a good motor, but also one that isn’t going to break the bank. One of the important things to consider when buying a vacuum, a vacuum only works as good as the person operating it. This means that if you are one of those people who hate to empty a bag, or keep filters, clean, it’s not going to matter how powerful the motor is.

One of the questions today is whether or not to buy a vacuum with a bag, or get a bagless variety. One of the draw backs of a vacuum cleaner bag is that it is usually forgotten about until it’s so full that the vacuum isn’t doing its job anymore. Bags are confusing and overwhelming to purchase with so many different kinds. With a bagless model there is a canister that collects the debris, and is quite easy to remove, empty and replace, in less that five minutes. Because these canisters are make from a clear material, you know exactly how full it is, and when to empty it, eliminating the guess work.

One of the other things that kills the efficiency of vacuums is lack of regular maintenance. You have to get into a routine of taking the cover off of your roller, clean the rollers, make sure that the belts are in the right position, and are still in good working order. If a belt starts to stretch, which it will over time, you need to replace it. There is nothing that causes a vacuum to loose its suction and ability to pick material up more than a loose belt, or obstructed brushes. You need to check all the filters, at least a the end of each vacuuming, and clean them thoroughly at least once a month, for optimal service.

Okay you can find a good reliable and efficient vacuums from many different retailer, both online and locally. If it has been awhile since you last purchased a vacuum, go into one of the local retailers and see what is offered. Don’t be taken in by all the bells and whistles some vacuum companies bombard you with, look at all the features from each one, and pick the one that best suits your needs. Make sure that it has a HEPA filter, and is easy to take apart and maintain. Make sure that you get one with the longest warranty, and if an extended warranty if offered, take it.