Sanitaire Canister Vacuum cleaner

Sanitaire Canister Vacuum Cleaner, why is it so Special?

Built by Eureka, the Sanitaire vacuum cleaner has been getting rave reviews ever since its release into the public.  Since being released, it has sold over 4 million units.  What makes a Sanitaire so special?

Sanitaire Canister Vacuum Cleaner and other types of Sanitaire vacuums

Praised by allergy sufferers all over the country, the Sanitaire vacuum cleaner is known for being light weight and strong capacity to get rid of airborne allergens that are floating around waiting to be inhaled by the closest individual with allergies.

Eureka went to greath lengths to make sure that their entire customer base was taken care of, so they have released 3 different versions for home use.

The Sanitaire canister vacuum model is a lot smaller and easier to use that the other models.  Coming in at only 10 pounds and outfitted with a solid ten amp motor as well as a HEPA filtration system, these models are intended to follow you all over the house and help you get all those little corners that you wouldn’t be able to get to otherwise. With its light weight design, this is the ideal model for those individuals who reside in multi story homes but don’t want to lug a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs.

The upright models weigh a bit more as most models weigh anywhere around twelve to sixteen pounds but most of them are also equipped with a 7 amp motor that will surely dig down deep to pick up the stubborn dirt that doesn’t want to get off your carpet without a fight.

The Micro fiber models are motorless models that can be used on any surface. Simple to use, it has no real parts that need to be added. All you need to do is attach one of the cleaning cloths and run it over whatever non-carpeted surface you want, either dry or with a little bit of water. The cloths will pick up dirt with the power of static electricity.

How much does a Sanitaire cost?

Eureka is very proud of this product line and have priced each of the models in a way that shows they stand behind it and want to see people enjoy its use. The Sanitaire vacuum cleaner upright models will cost you the most by far. There are various models available for purchase in this line with the most inexpensive coming in at around $200. The most pricey model is sold for just about $450.

If this sounds like it is out of your price range, then you could look into the Sanitaire canister vacuum cleaner which will also run you someplace close to $200. Continually look as a search on your own could discover a vendor that will have lower prices.

Eureka has once again delivered a great product with their Sanitaire canister vacuum cleaner and the other Sanitaire models, so make sure you take a look at them when it comes time to purchasing a vacum cleaner.