Who is the Dyson DC39 Animal best suited to?

Who is the Dyson DC39 Animal best suited to?

  • People who want a powerful canister vacuum
  • Those who have solid floors (hardwood, tiles, laminate, etc.)
  • Pet owners who need a comprehensive set of attachments for removing fur from all types of surfaces.
  • Allergy suffers who want the extra safeguard provided by a HEPA filter.
  • Those who want the convenience of an automatically retracting cord.
  • People who don’t want the ongoing cost of dust bags.
  • Anybody who wants a Dyson, backed by a 5 year warranty

Pet Hair

The DC39 Animal by Dyson has very powerful suction, something that is really important for lifting pet hair. The main attachment is the Triggerhead tool, which has an air-driven rotating brush bar. Now for the small gripe, the Triggerhead tool works well on pet hair but can be a tiny bit problematic. A lot of users complain about hair getting sticking around the turbine head. There is a way to eliminate this or certainly reduce it:

Pro tip: Wipe the turbine head down with anti-static spray (such as this one). You should notice a significant reduction in the amount of hair getting stuck around the turbine head tool.

Triggerhead tool

The Triggerhead tool has a rotating bar for deep cleaning carpets – you can turn this off at the handle when vacuuming your rugs and hard floors

Combination tool:

DC39 Animal’s Combination tool comprises a debris nozzle and brush tool, which you can use for edges and dusting

Tangle-free Turbine tool

Its Tangle-free Turbine tool has counter-rotating heads with brushes for removing hair and dirt from your carpets and upholstery

One of the plus points with this vacuum is the attachments. There’s a Tangle-free Turbine tool which is great for using on the dog and cat beds, along with a Combination tool. This tool is for getting into hard to reach areas / corners and converts to a brush for dusting. The brush performs well on upholstery and other soft surfaces.


On carpets, the vacuum performs well, (taking into account the aforementioned problem and solution). For switching between carpets and hard floors / delicate rugs there is a fingertip control switch. Pressing this turns the brush bar on – switch it on for carpets and then leave it off for cleaning hard floors or delicate rugs. The best thing about this switch is the location. Rather than having to bend down to the attachment, it is conveniently located on the handle.

Hard floors

As you would expect with a good canister vacuum, the DC39 Animal excels on hard floors. And it’s equally effective on hardwood, laminate, marble or tiles. You’ll need to remember to flick the fingertip control switch off when you go onto hard surfaces, otherwise the brush heads will scratch against the floor.

If you want even more flexibility when cleaning hard floors, you could consider the Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool. This needs to be purchased separately, and at time of writing is available from Amazon.com for around $50, with an average rating of 4.3 from 249 reviews. The attachment will allow you to get into hard to reach and tight spaces. Because of its design, you can use it with the tube flat on the floor, especially useful if you need to clean underneath something and get to the back.

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