Why Buy a Kirby Sentria Vacuum Cleaner

The Kirby vacuum cleaner is considered as one of the best premium home vacuum cleaner that you will every buy. Ever since the first G-3 model was rolled out 30 years ago in Cleveland Ohio, Kirby has grown into a global brand by improving every new vacuum cleaner that comes into the market. In fact, Kirby Sentria is not just a vacuum cleaner but an all inclusive home cleaning system. When you buy the vacuum cleaner, it comes with useful additional accessories. All models work with the Kirby sentria vacuum bags which are designed with the HEPA filtration technology that retains 99.9% of dirt collected inside the bag. You will also get a zip Brush that can be used to sweep loose dust such as pet hair before vacuuming your carpet. The Kirby vacuum cleaners work best when used with standard made Kirby shampoo cleaners that leave your carpet soft, clean and smelling fresh

Kirby vacuum bags are probably the most common accessories that you will have to purchase quite regularly because they are disposable dirt bags. Once the bags are full, they have to be replaced. It is important to know which bags are good for your current Kirby vacuum cleaner.Kirby vacuum cleaner bags normally come with a distinct port that is attached to the filtration nozzle that empties dirt into the bag. The most recent bags work with an F-type port while previous models have a different type port. However, most Kirby Sentria vacuum bags are clearly labeled indicating which models the bags go with.

Among the many benefits of investing in a Kirby vacuum cleaner, the durability that you will find these appliances is simply unrivalled. All the parts of the vacuum cleaner are made of metal and high grade plastic. In fact, Kirby vacuum cleaners have proved to last for up to three decades when kept in good condition. Since the Kirby vacuum cleaner is made of a robust metal and plastic assembly, this ensures that you don’t have to incur extra costs trying to replace a poor quality vacuum cleaner.

When it comes to high end features, Kirby vacuum cleaners never disappoint. Each successive model of the G-series always seems to have something better. The latest edition is the superior G-9 Limited Diamond Home Cleaning System which has been designed to deliver better performance with its faster motor speed and powerful suction. It also comes with reduced watt rating to cut down on your power consumption. What’s more, the Ultimate G Kirby vacuum bags that have been made for this model have incorporated micro particle arrest technology that traps dirt with more efficiency.

Besides new features, one of the outstanding aspects about the Kirby vacuum cleaner is that there are many stores that retail Kirby vacuum cleaner accessories, parts and also service damaged vacuum cleaners. Whether you want to buy a new set of Kirby Sentria vacuum bags or replace your Kirby vacuum carpet shampoo, you can be sure to find Kirby accessories in any home care store you walk into. However, it is important to note that Kirby vacuum cleaners come with warranties. In cases you want to claim warranties on malfunctions, make sure to go to an authorized Kirby vacuum dealer.

While premium Kirby vacuum cleaners have plenty of positive features, the vacuum cleaners can weigh up to 35lbs when attached Kirby vacuum bags are full. This can make it hard to handle the vacuum cleaner when going up and down stairs. In spite of this, Kirby vacuum cleaners are quite easy to push on the carpet. For easier handling, Kirby vacuum cleaner bags that are full should be disposed since they also obstruct air flow.